Ever since I have grown listening to my grandma‚Äôs story I have always been  wondering   do really the places exist in reality which my she told me during the bedtime stories?

Down the memory lane I still remember those beautiful descriptions that she told me of a magical place.

She always told me about the pretty heritages, Bungalows and farmhouse. Her descriptions have always been so mesmerising that I always believed as a young girl that there really exist places the way she had always described me!

In today’s blog I will tell you about one of  the best destination that would heal you mentally, physically and from your soul within. The under given photo is of a place which looks no less than a fairytale but, in real it is! Somewhere in this polluted world there exist a place so beautiful that holds your heart for very long, whereby your  soul does not wish to leave the place even for a second or take your eyes off!

When I first saw this photograph of Shaheen Bagh I could not believe my eyes that in the world full of pollution, there really exist a place which is surrounded by greenery, beautiful flowers and an eye-catching environment in real. I wish I was a part of the project the day when I got this photograph I wish to look at this place from my own eyes because this place has a mesmerising environment that captures your heart, the maintenance of the property has been done in such a way that it feels like home.

Blooming fresh flowers, green grass, a blue pool In between of them is the wonderful place to live and forget the hectic schedule for sometime.

As   human beings we do seek for peace physically but, we forget that our soul also needs to rest and deserves break.  Moreover an environment that could refresh it and fill it with  positivity. This wonderful place is beyond the descriptions that I would have ever got in my entire life of spending and dreaming my dream location for a vacation!         

It is such a perfect destination to spend quality time and quantity time both simultaneously. Break from work, a break from all the hectic schedule, break from the pollution, break from everything that could ever irritate the mankind is really worth it, once you go and have a stay at the beautiful Shaheen Bagh located in Dehradun!


My travels and exploring would remain incomplete if I dont tell you about this beautiful soul who wagged his tail when I come back from a hectic day!

Adorable, innocence that captures my heart all the time no matter how good or bad my destinations have been or how hectic the travel was! Everything vanishes! I know this one is probably not related to travel or a destination but, I wished to speak my heart out for my adorable COMPANION who made me believe in perfect companionships!